The Ornament

My grandmother, Veronica “Bonnie” Farkas, is my big bang.  I believe we are a combination of the people we allow to influence us.  Some are positive, some are negative.  My existence, my being, the person I am, started with Bonnie.

I decided to call Grandma and thank her for the recent birthday gingersnaps.  They have always been my favorite cookie from one of the strongest, funniest women I have ever been able to be in the presence of.  She’s been in remission from Mucosal Melanoma and although she was given six months to live nine months ago, she’s just a fiery and full of life as I could remember.

In the early stages of my life’s journey, my mother was in the Army.  As a single mother, this made it difficult for her to be there for the day to day stuff when she was called into field training.  This would last for some time, so I would go to the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, and stay with Grandma.  She’d tend the bar in Winton and I would play pool or pinball.  If I got bored, I could always hang out with my second cousins who were the closest in age to me since I had no other cousins to speak of.  When she was off or Jack(family friend) was around, I would ride my pint-size snowmobile.  Times were simpler and I have always felt loved.

Along with the delicious gingersnaps that did not last a week, she sent a small ornament.  A little snowman with a sign that says “MN”.  As soon as I saw it, I was taken back to those amazing visits.  For Bonnie, it was much different.

We were able to get most of the family together for my sister’s wedding this past August.  The wedding and reception were amazing as expected(thanks, ma).  Another unexpected highlight was the day at the cabin.  Nearly everyone from the Farkas clan was there and I couldn’t even begin to describe the smile on Bonnie’s face.  My aunt and uncles were there.  Their kids as well.  This was the first time that we were able to get that many of us together in a long time.  To be able to share that experience with my grandmother was easily the highlight of my year.  She said that little snowman reminded her of that day.  It’s amazing that I was worried about having her there that weekend six months ago.  She’s always been there in my life.  With memories like these and this little ornament, she always will.

Love you, Bonnie.



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