Scotty and Me

Day 1:

BEST DAY EVER!  Scotty hadn’t been to the dog park since moving to the States with Arron his owner and now that I have been bestowed the responsibility of this majestic creature, I figured I’d take him.  Scotty needs attention, he’s young and that’s understandable.  The magnitude of his excitement was immeasurable.  I’m positive there has never been a dog this happy or a dog park trip this exciting.  Probably the greatest dog park day known to man.

Day 14:

I haven’t taken Scotty out to the dog park since the first day.  I don’t have to remind you but that was the best day any dog has seen in his life.  I also don’t walk him as much as I should.  I feel that amount walking that I have been doing is good enough and I can still focus on my other interests.  He’s still loyal and that’s all that matters.  I will get to properly taking care of him when I can.

Day 30:

What the fuck is wrong with this dog?!  He constantly asks for attention and has done nothing to deserve it.  I took him out to the dog park for Christ’s sake!  He doesn’t know how good he has it.  This mutt is ungrateful for the life that I have provided him.  If he thinks sitting and pouting is going to make me listen to his wants, he’s sadly mistaken.  He sits when I say he sits.  I know he doesn’t have to pee because I haven’t given him water today.  This is completely unacceptable.  There are dogs in other countries that only get a fraction of what I give Scotty.  If he doesn’t like it here, he can leave.

This short journal is in no way true other than my roommate left his dog with me.  I have not harmed Scotty in any way and have grown very fond of the little goofball.  What I want you to do is replace Scotty with America and myself with our current administration.  The big difference is Scotty has no choice in who his owner is.  You do.  Fucking vote.

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  1. Scotty sounds a lot like you, during your toddler years (much like the way the legislative and administration has been acting). Need to vote and have term limits!!!

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